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Rules of submission of the application
Author: user1483420903899 02 of january 2017 20:21

The Guild accepted players level 51+
The application creates a separate topic, the topic title is issued in the following way - the Application "your nickname in the game"

Ventra mandatory!

Fill in the application filled in the questionnaire and answer the following questions:

1) Your name.
2) Age.
3) Contact information (ICQ, e-mail, skype).
4) in-game.
5) the Level of the character class.
6) a Screenshot with FRI, skills.
7) Average online per day (1-2 hours 3 to 5 hours, 10 hours, 12+ hours).
8) do you Use premium account.
9) How long played in RF Online? (the total time which servers are played, how much time playing on the Bekar)
10) In any Guild was.
11) When was the reason for the departure.
12) do you Have a Twinkie? (you have to list Nikki sex, race, server).
13) Can You use Ventrillo (listen and say just listen, no)?
14) do You Have friends/acquaintances in our Guild (specify nicknames).
15) Detailed answer to the question "Why do you want it to us?".
16) a Detailed answer to the question "What does it mean for you to Pvp?".
17) You have read the Charter of the Guild Accretia and undertake to comply with it?

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user1483420903899 03.01.2017 at 05:21

1) Андрей
2) 25
3) нет
4) NikV
5) 56
6) -
7) 6-10
8) да
9) 1 года
10) одиночка
11) -
12) нету
13) слушаю и говорю
14) нету

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